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Business Mission to Indonesia

As we noted earlier, true.code’s priority area of activity is entering international markets and taking leading positions in them. So that this statement does not seem too pretentious to you — from the ship to the ball, from a business mission to a business mission. From Almaty (link) we are flying to the IndoComtech 2022 exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have always been interested in the Southeast Asian market, and since Indonesia belongs to the category of the most economically promising developing countries, and ranks fourth in the world in terms of population, we could not help but focus our attention on this country.


As part of the business mission, we will meet with enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, tobacco products, financial conglomerates. In addition, we have scheduled a number of meetings while still in Russia, so we will definitely not be bored in Indonesia, and we are sure that we will find new customers and partners there. As internationally recognized experts in the implementation and development of IT solutions, we are ready to become leaders in the Indonesian market, competing with both local IT companies and international giants.


Expansion into the international market is impossible without the availability of an appropriate web infrastructure. Check out our website t-code.nz


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