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Digital transformation of a food factory

Our projects can be delicious. When we visited the food factory, the interaction points were identified immediately. The main task is to automate the control over the consumption of raw materials.


Having experience in solving such problems, we started with an audit. We analyzed the technology, accounting system and issues of food production safety. Together with the customer, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to implement a software package for accounting for raw materials and finished products in order to eliminate shortages and reduce the number of defects. During the audit, we noticed that eclair recipes are written on paper and transferred between technologists and confectioners from hand to hand. We proposed to implement an automated system for creating and storing process maps, which was immediately accepted by the customer.


As a result, in 3 months we developed, implemented the project and integrated it with ERP. Currently, we provide technical support for the software package deployed in production.


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