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Negotiations with a business mission from Kazakhstan

Our company conducts public activities, and as part of this activity, we held talks with a business mission from Kazakhstan at the Opora Russia site. Together with other entrepreneurs of the Irkutsk region, they established business contacts, communicated with potential partners and shared their experience in international activities. They discussed doing business under sanctions, the specifics of exports and financial settlements, as well as the ability of companies to sudden changes in the business climate.


Kazakhstan is a springboard for entering both the Central Asian market and the Southeast Asian market. The country has a developed oil and gas industry, pharmaceuticals, minerals, including aluminum and copper. It is at the junction of post-industrial and industrial societies that there is a huge layer of tasks for the digital transformation of production. The result of the business mission for us was several appeals on digitalization. We hope for fruitful cooperation and are confident that we can help many Kazakh companies to achieve increased efficiency and productivity. Being internationally recognized experts in the implementation and development of IT solutions, we are ready to become leaders in the market of Kazakhstan.


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