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Office renovation

Work is an integral part of our life, and we spend a lot of time on it.

Working outside the company is a dream of many people. A sandy beach, the sea, a cool drink in your hand, a laptop as a mandatory attribute and complete carelessness. Today, many IT specialists purposefully go to the remote in order to increase productivity, change the boring location to something more pleasant and forget about office paraphernalia.

We believe that since people spend a lot of time at work, then the environment should be pleasant to the eye, ergonomic, ideally, better than at home. We do not believe in complete remoteness, so we put our soul into our office and pleased the employees.

The team was satisfied, more and more often stays after work, brings food with them, rests in the office.

We continue to improve our office space so that specialists can comfortably develop and create the best IT solutions for our partners

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