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Student Practice 2021

Most often, students, coming to practice in any company, feel confused and few of them feel their need from the first days. We decided to rectify the situation and organize an internship for students in a convenient and useful format. Based on the agreement concluded with ISU in the spring of 2021, we held several introductory lectures at the Faculty of Business Communications and Computer Science, where we talked about our company, how we work, and invited students to our place for internship.


We select students to practice in the company on a competitive basis, so out of 10 interested people, we took 6 people. How is the selection process going? Students perform small test tasks and self-present their skills, abilities and successes. We recommend those who do not pass the selection process to partner companies, and we also accept those who come from partners as interns. Such an exchange of future personnel allows us to maintain our corporate training in a constant tone.


What is the result after practice? Out of 6 people, four write diplomas on the basis of our company, we took two for a paid internship. After graduation and graduation, they will be able to work fully in the company and receive a salary already at the level of a specialist, not an intern.

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