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Student Practice 2022

This year we have approached the organization of students’ practice even more seriously. We allocated a separate room, made it clean and bright for a couple of weekends, put modern tables. The trainees were given space for imagination in design.


In 2021, we already conducted an internship for ISU students, but this spring the demand exceeded our expectations. Students from ISU, IRNTU and Angarsk Industrial and Economic College participated in the competition to select for practice. There are more than 50 people in total. We selected 19 and in June started practicing under a new program. Our goal is to help the student determine the direction of activity in which he will be able to develop. Therefore, we have developed an internship program for several areas: web development, web design, advertising and public relations, and IT project management.


Before introducing students to projects, we immerse them in the specifics of the IT sphere, introduce them to the standards of work in the company and check the availability of basic knowledge for working in IT. To do this, we have involved our employees in the learning process, and also invited specialists from universities.


The third week of practice is underway, and we see the interest of students. They try and boldly offer their options for solving problems. We think that we will choose a couple of stars for an internship in the company.

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