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Aerated concrete production
Eastern Europe

Limited Liability Company “BGB” is the biggest aerated concrete blocks’ producer of the Eastern Europe.

The modern-plant production is based on German Technologies (Wehrhahn GmbH and Masa-Henke
Maschinenfabrik GmbH) and uses selected mineral raw materials. The quality of raw materials produced is
regularly approved by numerous tests and certifications.

Services provided:
SEO optimization, Brand new website development and new Marketing strategy implementation
Technology stack:
Backend developer, frontend developer, QA, project manager, web designer, SEO-specialist
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Market Research and Marketing strategy development
SEO optimization of an original website. PPC – Ads setup
Web - maintenance, technical and marketing support
Brand new website development and new Marketing strategy implementation

The challenge

“BGB” company applied to true.code in order to receive help with marketing strategy development and a
new website while considering new functional requirements.

In 2018, “BGB” set a goal to go online with an absolutely new approach to their services’ positioning using
relevant web-promotion. “BGB” intended to remain their search engine positions and to expand functionality
with a new website.

Project research

In order to launch the project the range of BRD meetings were arranged. Working cooperatively the volume, business requirements, deadlines and a budget were established. After research of current web and marketing architecture we create the project roadmap.

  1. Updating a website visually and technically according to requirements considering company’s growth
  2. Building a new Marketing strategy and setting up digital channels in order to get proper web traffic

Prototyping and Design

Using BRD and a target audience research true.code team has created convenient website structure and user-friendly interface. SEO – specialists and marketers were involved in order to achieve that.
New efficient UX/UI solutions and former website stats were taken into account while designing.
User – friendly and clear Interface of Baikal Aerated Concrete company is based on all possible users’ scenarios predicted and reviewed by our professionals.
Creating a new website information section has led to an increased efficiency of Sales Department
As one of the analytics results become an additional page with articles about building technologies and usefull advises about using the aerated concrete. This feature gave a benefit of optimizing daily schedule of sales managers.


Project architecture

CMS basis was chosen to create a ready-to-use solution faster. “BGB” manager can easily include any possible changes into content due to a simple guide.
Additional functions such as: personal account for B2C clients, EPR integration, acquiring and on-line calculator were designed with micro-service architecture. It makes your work with content flexible and easy without disrupting the original architecture.
For instance, exchanging remaining stock goods works as an independent module and lets you manage exchange parameters between CMS and accountant’s program.
It’s worth mentioning personal account development which keeps shopping history. Loyalty system is to be implemented further.
As a result of UX/UI projecting the client has received a user – friendly aerated concrete volume calculator. The type of building, window frames width, inner walls and laying of corner joints are taken into account while calculating.


Flexible management

Project managers of our team use a flexible way of running projects. That’s why we work following stages. The result of every stage is a minimal viable product — MVP. Due to MVP our client “BGB” could get the first working version of a website faster. Each subsequent MVP expanded the website’s capabilities. MVP gives a chance to easily maintain deadlines and project’s budget.


Marketing strategy

Redefined marketing strategy has allowed to get an increased website traffic due to new leads-generating channels and optimizing existing ones.
SEO-optimizing is one of the sources of traffic. It has attracted not only additional targeted transitions but also informational. Owing to marketing strategy key requests cloud was adapted to search requests of every region company works in and at every website subdomain.
“BGB” marketing strategy includes such customers acquisition sources as: social networks, PPC Ads, targeted ads and SEO-optimization.

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