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Grand Baikal

Irkutsk, Russia

Corporate website is a business card of a large-scale travel company. Grand Baikal has 6 hotels, 2 restaurants, a children’s camp, 2 sanatoriums and 4 more facilities at its disposal. We had to present all areas of work, but at the same time not overload the site with information. And pack everything in a stylish design that reflects the spirit of Lake Baikal.

Services provided:
website development
Technology stack:
front-end developer. Back-end developer, web designer, marketer

Problems and tasks

The Grand Baikal website is perfectly optimized, so it appears in the first lines of search engines even for indirect queries. A person is looking for one of the company’s objects, for example, a hotel. And it gets not to the official website, but to the hotel page on the Grand Baikal website.


The problem is that the old site had a large number of rejections. Maladaptive layout, confusing structure, incomplete information and outdated design — all this repelled users, and they left.

A new website was needed — clear, modern and with up-to-date data. Grand Baikal followed him and turned to true.code.

We had to collect all the directions of Grand Baikal’s work, structure and present them. And also implement the main user scenario: bring the user through the Grand Baikal website to the official site of the object that he was looking for initially. Or — if we are talking about a hotel, sanatorium or children’s camp — help to book accommodation without unnecessary clicks.


And, of course, to make sure that people stay on the new site as long as possible.

Collecting information

We collected data about the objects of Grand Baikal piece by piece, like a puzzle. Not all objects were listed on the old site. And those that did have enough details: services, room descriptions, links to official websites.


We were lucky that before that we made a website for the Grand Baikal ski resort — Mount Sable. We took some of the information about hotels from there. And the rest was restored from a commercial presentation that the booking department sent us.

Home page

One of the wishes of Grand Baikal is a non—standard design of the main page. The client did not want to get an updated version of the old site. He wanted something fundamentally different, fresh and original. And it was also important to emphasize that all the company’s activities are built around Lake Baikal and its extraordinary nature.


Therefore, the main visual solution is photographs of the Baikal expanses, smooth lines and a light parallax effect that refers us to the image of waves.

Our favorite find was the font Aire Roman Std — thin, but at the same time stable. Graceful, noble and majestic — just like Baikal.


It was the fastest and easiest coordination in our practice. Grand Baikal trusted us completely. We did not approve references, did not show intermediate versions. They just sent a ready-made design, and the client accepted it the first time.

Description of objects and booking

All objects of Grand Baikal have their own personal website. That’s why we didn’t create separate pages for each hotel or restaurant. And we divided the objects into sections.


There were 5 directions in total: «Rest», «Food», «Accommodation», «Wellness» and «Children’s rest».

In each section there are place cards with photos and key information. You can quickly find out the address, room types, list of services and procedures, and for restaurants — the average check and business lunch time. Under each card there is a large noticeable button to go to the official website.

We have implemented the TravelLine module, an online booking system. The user does not need to leave the Grand Baikal website to book a hotel room, a cottage or a place in a hostel.


We have put all the special offers of Grand Baikal on a separate page. And we made a filter with which it is easy to choose a suitable promotion.


Each object of Grand Baikal has its own phone number and its own email address. We didn’t want to publish contacts with an endless canvas that makes the eyes ripple.

So we came up with an elegant solution. We divided all the objects in three directions: «Recreation», «Wellness» and «Tours». Select the desired section and quickly find the desired number and email.

About the company

It contains comprehensive information about Grand Baikal: what does the company do, what is its mission, what are the advantages. The team and the map of objects are presented. It is easy to understand how far from Irkutsk is the sanatorium «Elektra», and where in general is the village of Nilov Deserts, in which the boarding house «Energetik» is based.

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