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Machine Building

The plant produces equipment for B2B sphere, e.g. for mining companies or companies that lay power lines. ATVs are used to deliver goods and people across challenging terrains.

Services provided:
Integration of systems, refinement of the software complex of the enterprise
Backend developer, QA, project manager


Minimize production costs with the help of digitalization tools. Provide a scalable system model to increase production performance and labor efficiency.

In cooperation with ICMP we had to develop a roadmap for implementation of digital transformation from the concept of implementation. The purpose of partnership is to create efficient, effective and continuous acceleration and improvement of production processes.

Work completed:

A technological audit of the current tool accounting system at the enterprise was carried out. The main problems were revealed and points of growth were identified.

To eliminate costs entry control zones and exit of employees were defined.

A project for installation and configuration of hardware complexes and machine vision systems was developed. Tools’ take-out from the production site was excluded.

RFID tags with anti-vandal application system were implemented.

Based on the project software for the tool accounting system was improved.

A barcoding system was introduced and integrated into the warehouse accounting system.


Working with true.code team in the design and management of new systems, ICMP has introduced a new way of working to its employees. Vast experience of true.code in digital transformation of production has allowed us to introduce new efficient processes into the work of the enterprise.

By introducing a new work model, our client has become more flexible and efficient. Scaling of the client’s company does not interfere with scaling of the systems we have implemented.

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