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Kiwi line

New Zealand

The company is engaged in the sale and maintenance of caravans for outdoor activities, travel and off-road trips

Services provided:
corporate identity
Technology stack:
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
graphic designer, project manager


  1. Develop the main logo of the new direction of the company
  2. Create additional logos for the design of the caravan with reference to the main logo
  3. Collect the corporate identity of caravans to increase the recognition and memorability of the company’s brand


Before starting to develop the logo and corporate identity of the next direction of Kiwi Holding, we had to study a lot of materials about birds living in New Zealand in order to know the features of structure, movement and behavior. The client wanted the logo to complement the company name, combine the details of the appearance of birds – the structure of paws, plumage, body proportions, and be recognizable.



Immersed in the company’s line of business

In New Zealand, there are many tourist routes for traveling in trailers with specially equipped platforms for stopping.


Have you studied your competitors

It was necessary to understand the examples and requirements of caravan branding. Usually, gradients and a variety of colors are not used in the design. They are printed with a film that is applied locally and with individual elements. Patterns and patterns should not occupy the entire caravan, otherwise such a design will be more expensive. Also, a drawing is usually not printed on windows and doors.


Investigated the subject area

To develop branding for the Kiwi Line, we studied all the feathered inhabitants of New Zealand, watched several documentaries and videos on YouTube. We learned about the habits and features of the most popular and unusual birds that are found only on the territory of this country. We wanted to invest the identity of the country in branding, so we chose images of local birds that are not found anywhere else.


We collected up-to-date data from the customer

He had the opportunity to observe birds live, since he lives in New Zealand. This helped us to identify several key improvements in the color of the plumage and the main poses of birds.

Study of the subject area

Color palette

To create the logo, we had to immerse ourselves in the world of birds — we selected colors close to the plumage of birds. The natural color palette of the birds was a little faded, so we picked up similar, but brighter color solutions.

The structure of the skeleton

We studied the structure of the skeletons of local birds in order to depict in more detail the paws, beak, torso bend and observe the proportions of the bird for the logo.

Logo development

The client wanted the written spelling «Kiwi Line» to be present in the logo. We took this into account when preparing several variants of the logo.


Kiwi bird, New Zealand, road, travel. Based on these associations, we have developed three variants of the logo:

The client agreed on the third version of the logo

Corporate pattern

The client wanted to use a line in the design of caravans that would refer to the name of the company.

We decided that using just a straight line is boring. As a corporate pattern, kiwi bird tracks were presented, which line up. This is how the pattern complements the main logo. Both words from the name are played at once and a solid one is created an associative series for the brand. The client really liked this idea.

Additional logos

The caravan consists of several campers in which people travel and live. To visually separate the trailers from each other, we had to develop a visual design for each trailer. At the same time, they had to inherit the general style of the Kiwi line brand. Therefore, we took several varieties of birds that live only in New Zealand and developed additional logos with their images.

Kakapo Bird

The kakapo parrot logo is used on the largest caravan. The kakapo or owl parrot is a nocturnal flightless bird, the largest mountain parrot in the world, endemic to New Zealand. Perhaps one of the most ancient living bird species. But for sure — one of the most human-friendly representatives of birds.

Pukeko Bird

The Pukeko logo is used on the medium-sized and most popular trailer. The Pukeko or black—backed sultanka is a near-water bird of the shepherd family with bright blue-blue plumage. Inhabits the shores of New Zealand swamps, small lakes and sea bays with dense thickets of reeds, sedges or cattails, where he secretly spends most of his life.

Fantail Bird

The logo with the smallest Fantail bird is used on the smallest caravan. Fantail or fantail is a genus of passerine birds from the family fantail. Most species are 15 to 18 cm long and specialize in catching flying insects. New Zealand is home to three endemic subspecies of the grey fantail.


All the rules for the use of logos, colors, fonts and other elements of corporate identity have been collected in a brandbook


We have developed the design of caravans taking into account the technical requirements, the peculiarities of the appearance of birds and the wishes of the client

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