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Pasta factory

Food industry
Eastern Europe

The plant produces large volumes of products, which are sold not only in the region, but also in other areas.

The production capacity of the plant allows the production of more products, but digital transformation is required for these purposes.

Services provided:
Software integration, refinement of the software complex of the enterprise
Backend developer, frontend developer, QA, project manager


Accelerate all production processes in the value chain from product accounting to marketing and sales. More thorough control of production efficiency. It is necessary to know in real time whether certain production lines are working in accordance to the specified parameters in order to understand the causes of slowdowns and/or stops and try to solve them as soon as possible.

Digital transformation is rooted in the physical parts of the enterprise — products, processes, people and places — and the strategic implementation of technology provides a competitive advantage to our customers.

Completed works:

Carried out technological auditing

As a result of the auditing, developed a draft of the software system for recording raw materials and products at the factory.

Updated the hardware system in the zone of product filling and integrated it with the accounting system.

Finalized the software and implemented it as the web-interface for remote control of the hardware system in the production area.


Reduction of bureaucratic flows and paperwork. Increase productivity and labor efficiency. The ability to remotely monitor the operation of the enterprise in a convenient interface.


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