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Internet service Provider
Eastern Europe

«Tulun-TeleCom» is the first telecom operator in the area. They connect the Internet to apartment buildings using FTTB (Fiber to the building) technology and to private ones using PON technology. They also provide services for connecting digital television and installing cloud IP video surveillance.

Services provided:
Audit, Website development
Technology stack:
project manager, web designer, frontend developer. backend-developer, QA, content manager


Create an intuitive and informative website for an Internet provider. So that users can quickly and conveniently familiarize themselves with the tariffs, submit a request for Internet and TV connection or pay for services.

What have you done

We have put together a clear and convenient home page

On the main page, there are cards with services, tariff conditions — most visitors come to providers’ websites for this information. We also made a slider with banners for current promotions and special offers, a block with news.



Introduced color coding of tariffs

We have developed the ability to change the color of the card and add the «Popular» label to it so that the client can highlight the tariffs that are most relevant for sale. For example, now on the site, the faster the tariff, the brighter the substrate on top of it.




Developed a tariff constructor

The client wanted users to have the opportunity to assemble their own tariff from the necessary services, based on their needs. For example, include
unlimited Internet at 130 Mbit/s, 44 TV channels
and IP video surveillance, or unlimited Internet at 200 Mbit/s and 2 football TV channels in your tariff.

We have developed a special tariff constructor, which is configured from the administrative panel by the site administrator. You can edit service categories, tariff categories, tariff cards. In the tariff card, you can edit any text, choose the color of the card and assign the label «Popular».



We added a block with frequently asked questions

Found out from the client what questions are most often addressed to technical support, collected answers and formed a new block with frequently asked questions.

Users with typical questions now do not need to contact technical support and wait for a long time for the operator’s response. As a result, the load on the call center specialists has decreased.

Redesigned the subscriber directory

There was no structure and sections in the old directory, information about Internet services, television, IP video surveillance was in one place. It was inconvenient for users to use it. For example, to find information on how to renew a contract for another person, it was necessary to scroll through several dozen records.

Therefore, in the new design of the directory, we have added the ability to create categories for articles. Now the questions about the services are distributed in separate blocks.

Brought the payment button to a prominent place

Current customers of Tulun-Telecom most often visit the site to simply pay for services. Therefore, we have placed the «Expert payment» button in the header of the site So that the button is always in sight, this helps users to navigate faster and pay for services.

The site was adapted for mobile devices

The old site did not have versions for mobile phones and tablets.

Now users can conveniently use the provider’s website from any device.

Increased the site loading speed

Improved the site loading speed from mobile devices by 2.1 times, and from computers and laptops — by 1.5 times.


According to the webvisor and click map, the site interface has become more convenient, and users can easily find the necessary sections and information.

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