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Flour milling manufacturing

Eastern Europe

The capacity of the plant allows to produce up to 300 tons of flour per day. The geography of supplies covers various regions.

Services provided:
Software integration, refinement of the software complex of the enterprise
Backend-developer, QA, project manager


After a business trip to the plant in March 2022, we faced the task of offering such IT solutions that will help ensure control at the stages of grain acceptance and distribution as well as at the stage of accounting for finished products in the workshop. In addition, it is necessary to integrate the software being developed and the existing ERP at the enterprise.

Digital transformation of production involves the integration of digital technologies into processes and products to improve efficiency and productivity quality.

Customer expectations and increased competition are the main driving forces of digital transformation in manufacturing as in other industries. Using digital technologies, manufacturers can increase speed and efficiency, scale business, reduce costs and improve the quality of customer service. Our customer turned to us with these tasks.

Completed works:

Automated gate system utilizing computer vision for license plate and vehicle size recognition


Designed an automatic system of grain distribution into hoppers for milling lot preparation.

Implemented an accounting system for employee work quotas through machine vision and weight equipment integration with the accounting and warehousing system.

Developed a project for marking and accounting of the ready products utilizing the technology of computer vision and color bar-coding.


The production capacity of the plant allowed producing more products than the company used to before applying to true.code, but it became possible with digitalization. At the output, production processes were accelerated and new approaches were introduced in product accounting which allowed to increase production volumes, reducing the burden of the enterprise.

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